Ancient Chinese Symbols Support Genesis

All of the people in the world today are descendants of Noah and his sons.  So it would make since that there are over 270 flood legends around the world today.[i]  Elements of the Creation and the worldwide flood in the book of Genesis can be found in ancient Chinese symbols. The symbol for boat is a combination of three symbols.  They are: vessel + eight + people.  So a boat is a vessel with eight people.  Noah’s ark had eight people on it. According to the book of Genesis, God made man … [Read more...]

The Pre-Flood World: What Was the Original Creation Like?

Get the Full 17-Hour Creation Seminar on DVD! The following is derived from a transcript of Dr. Hovind's video, which you can see above.  (His videos and materials are not copyrighted.) In order to answer many questions about the original Creation and the pre-flood world, we must first study what the Bible says about it. In Genesis 1:6, the Bible states that the firmament divided the waters from the waters. Ok, now hold on a minute. What is a firmament? Well, let’s see. Verse six says that … [Read more...]