Bill Nye’s Ice Layer Problem

In the recent debate by Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mr. Ken Ham, Bill Nye assumes that ice rings are annual rings and uses this assumption to say that the earth is millions or billions of years old. Bill Nye assumes that the ice layers are annual rings. They are not. Apparently, he has never heard of the lost squadron. In 1942, during World War II, some war planes landed in Greenland. After the war those planes were forgotten. In 1990, an aircraft enthusiast decided to go find them and … [Read more...]

Scientists Falsely Date Footprints to 800,000 Years Old Using Circular Reasoning

Recently some scientists in the UK found some footprints and they claim that these prints are at least 800,000 years old.  They are obviously starting with the assumption that the earth is millions and billions of years old.  It is a shame, but, most people reading an article like this would never question how they came up with the date of 800,000 years.  They would just assume that it is true. So how did they come up with this date of 800,000 years?  Well, let’s take a closer look at the … [Read more...]

Young World Evidence

by Russell Humphreys Here are a dozen natural phenomena which conflict with the evolutionary idea that the universe is billions of years old. The numbers I list below in bold print (often millions of years) are maximum possible ages set by each process, not the actual ages. The numbers in italics are the ages required by evolutionary theory for each item. The point is that the maximum possible ages are always much less than the required evolutionary ages, while the Biblical age … [Read more...]

Did It Take God Billions Of Years To Create Everything?

Did God create over billions of years? And why is it important? by Lita Cosner and Gary Bates Often, people challenge biblical creationists with comments along the lines of, “I believe God created, and I don’t believe in evolution, but He could have taken billions of years, so what’s the big deal about the age of the earth?” Some claim that an emphasis on ‘6 literal days, 6,000 years ago’ even keeps people away from the faith, so “Why be so dogmatic? Why emphasize something … [Read more...]

Millions of Years: It’s a Fairy Tale

Do you believe in millions of years?  The idea of millions of years is all around us: in museums, on the History Channel, on the Discovery Channel, in the schools, etc.  In the society in which we live, most people accept the idea of millions of years without even questioning it.  They just accept it as truth because that is what they have always been told.  However, the ultimate authority for truth is the Word of God: not man’s ideas and opinions. Most people do not realize it, but the idea … [Read more...]

Can a Christian believe in millions of years?

While someone can believe in millions of years and still be a Christian, they are not being consistent.  In reality they are falling into a trap.  Satan wants you to doubt God’s Word.  The first thing that he said to Eve in the Garden of Eden was, “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” (Genesis 3:1)  The very first thing he said to Eve was planting a seed of doubt in her mind about what God had told Adam.  Again, Satan wants you to doubt God’s Word.  He wants … [Read more...]

Did it take millions of years to form the Grand Canyon?

Textbooks say that over millions of years, the Colorado River has carved out the Grand Canyon from solid rock.[1]  Now wait just one minute.  It is a fact the Grand Canyon exists.  I think we can all agree about this.  However, there are two different interpretations of this fact.  The evolutionist’s interpretation says that it formed slowly by a little water and lots of time.  The Bible believing Christian’s interpretation is that it formed quickly by lots of water and a little time, … [Read more...]

Did it take millions of years for oil to form?

Sometimes when they drill into the ground they hit oil.  And these oil wells can have up to 20,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.  That is a lot of pressure: 20,000 psi!! The people that have studied this have concluded that the rock can only hold that pressure for about 10,000 years or less.  They say it should have cracked the rock and leaked off in less than 10,000 years.[i]  This raises a couple of questions.  Where did the oil come from?  And why is it still under … [Read more...]

Human Population: Evidence for a Young Earth

In 2011 the world’s population reached 7 billion people.[1]  In 1985 there were 5 billion people on planet earth.  In 1800 there were only 1 billion people on the planet.  Most people agree that there were only about 1 billion people around the year 1800.[2] The world’s population at the time of Christ was about ¼ billion people.[3] If we start from the Bible, we see that 6,000 years ago God created everything.  About 4,400 years ago there was a worldwide flood in which only 8 people … [Read more...]

Carbon 14 in Diamonds: Evidence for a Young Earth

According to the evolutionary worldview, diamonds formed billions of years ago.  However, the Bible tells us that the earth is only 6,000 years old.  Therefore, diamonds cannot be billions of years old. Carbon 14 dating is a popular dating method used today.  It is a popular belief that carbon dating is used to date things that are millions of years old.  However, carbon 14 dating cannot be used to date something that is older than 100,000 years old.  If something were older than 100,000 … [Read more...]

Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth

How Old is the Earth? If Evolution is true, the Earth has to be billions of years old. If the Bible is true, the Earth has to be only a few thousand years old. Is it possible to tell how old the Earth is? Yes, there are several limiting factors that indicate how old the Earth is. Limiting Factors If you went scuba diving and found a shipwreck with a treasure chest full of gold coins, how would you know when the ship sank? Well, look at the dates on the coins. If there is a coin in there … [Read more...]

The Biblical Age of the Earth

The Biblical Age of the Earth The idea of the earth being billions of years old is a relatively new idea. This idea has only become popular within the last 200 years or so. Prior to the early 1800’s and late 1700’s most people believed the biblical age of the earth, about 6,000 years old, as recorded in the Bible. They took God’s word as truth. Then the scientists gave this idea of ‘millions of years’ to the theologians. Knowing that millions of years are not in the bible, they had to find … [Read more...]