Using The Creation Message For Evangelism

crossfamilyWhy is the gospel so often falling on deaf ears? The teaching of Evolution has undeniably become a major reason why millions are now unreceptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Generations have been deceived into believing that Genesis is inaccurate. Evolutionary thought is so firmly entrenched that many view Christianity with absolute contempt and incredulity. The reasoning is “How can anyone possibly believe the Bible when it says God created Adam and Eve, and we know that isn’t true! Evolution is a proven fact of science.”

Such naysayers are convinced that Christianity is unscientific, outdated, false and irrelevant. For them, science has “proved” there is no need for God and that all is explainable by natural means. So people live sad, degenerate lives—ignoring the Creator who loves them and who so eagerly wants to provide them with true happiness and eternal salvation.



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