Fresh Dinosaur Bones Found

Did you know that fresh dinosaur bones have been found with soft tissue and blood cells still inside?  In 1990 a well preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was found.  As scientists from Montana State University examined these bones they discovered something truly amazing.  Inside they found what appeared to be red blood cells.[1]

In 2005, scientists again studied fresh dinosaur bones that were from a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  They discovered that the bones had soft tissue and what appeared to be blood vessels and cells still inside.[2]

Now if these bones are 65 million years old, like the evolutionists suggest, they shouldn’t be fresh.  And they certainly should not have soft tissue and blood cells still inside.

To the believers in millions of years and evolution, this causes a serious problem.  However, instead of questioning the whole ‘millions of years’ idea and the actual age of the dinosaur bones, they begin questioning the fossilization process.

“Tissue preservation to this extent has not been noted before in dinosaurs,” said Dr. Mary H. Schweitzer of North Carolina State University.[3]

The thought will never cross their mind to question the age of the bones.  Instead, they are trying to figure out how the bones, soft tissue, and blood cells stayed fresh for 65 million years.  They are looking at it from the wrong perspective.

To the Bible-believing Christian, a find like this should be no surprise at all.  Of course the dinosaur bones appear to be young: because they are young!

God created everything, including the dinosaurs, about 6,000 years ago.  There was a worldwide flood about 4,400 years ago that killed all of the dinosaurs, with the exception of the ones that were on Noah’s Ark.  After the flood, the remaining dinosaurs struggled to survive because of the post-flood climate change.

dragon3Another problem that the dinosaurs had after the flood was that people hunted them.  However, they didn’t call them dinosaurs back then.  They called them dragons.

The word ‘dinosaur’ was not even invented until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen.  There are thousands of legends all over the world of people seeing and killing dragons.  In fact, dragons are listed in a 1946 dictionary as “Now Rare.”

Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago.  When scientists find fresh dinosaur bones like this they are showing us that the Bible is absolutely correct.




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