Millions of Years: It’s a Fairy Tale

Do you believe in millions of years?  The idea of millions of years is all around us: in museums, on the History Channel, on the Discovery Channel, in the schools, etc.  In the society in which we live, most people accept the idea of millions of years without even questioning it.  They just accept it as truth because that is what they have always been told.  However, the ultimate authority for truth is the Word of God: not man’s ideas and opinions.

Most people do not realize it, but the idea of millions of years is a direct attack on God’s Word.  Nowhere in the Bible is the idea of millions of years mentioned or implied.

In fact, if we take the bible as our ultimate authority on all matters, we come to a very different conclusion.  We find that God created everything only about 6,000 years ago.  There is no such thing as millions of years.  The whole idea of millions of years is a fairy tale that is used as an alternative for what the Bible says.

Satan has used this ‘millions of years’ idea to lead many away from the authority of the Word of God.  In the very same way that he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden, Satan wants you to doubt God’s Word.  He wants you to believe a lie.  And that lie is millions of years.

If I told you that if you kissed a frog, it would magically turn into a handsome prince; you would know that this is a fairy tale.  Did you know that this same fairy tale is being promoted as science today?  However, the magical ingredient is no longer a kiss.  The new magical ingredient is millions of years.

They say we started off as bacteria and slowly, over millions of years, the bacteria turned into a frog.  Then slowly over millions and millions of years, the frog turned into the prince (modern man).

ameba to princemillions of years fairy tale

The whole idea of millions of years is a fairy tale.  Christians need to stop believing this lie and get back to the authority of the Word of God.

Atheists and evolutionists love to promote their ideas that attack the very foundation of Christianity, particularly Genesis chapters 1-11.  The Book of Genesis is the foundational book for the entire Bible.  They know this, and this is what they are attacking.

Their religion is evolution and its foundation is millions of years.  We need to start upholding the authority of the Word of God and start attacking this pagan foundation of millions of years.  The atheists and evolutionists love to debate about evolution.  However, the minute a Bible-believing Christian starts attacking millions of years, they get very upset.

This is because they know that without the foundation of millions of years, evolution has nothing to stand on.  The only alternative is the Bible.

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