Did it take millions of years to form the Grand Canyon?

grand canyonTextbooks say that over millions of years, the Colorado River has carved out the Grand Canyon from solid rock.[1]  Now wait just one minute.  It is a fact the Grand Canyon exists.  I think we can all agree about this.  However, there are two different interpretations of this fact. 

The evolutionist’s interpretation says that it formed slowly by a little water and lots of time. 

The Bible believing Christian’s interpretation is that it formed quickly by lots of water and a little time, from the flood of the days of Noah.

The evolutionists are always trying to erase the line and make students think their interpretation is part of the fact.  And it is not.

If a dam were built across Grand Canyon a large lake would form.  In fact, right after the flood of Noah’s day, there used to be two huge lakes there: Grand Lake and Hopi Lake.[2]  The lakes are long gone, but the beaches are still there.  You can still see the beach line.

These post flood lakes got too full, went over the top, and washed out that canyon relatively quickly.  The Grand Canyon is a washed out spillway and it did not take millions of years for it to form.  It formed quickly, just after the flood of Noah’s day.

Grand Canyon interpretationsGrand Lake and Hopi Lake

[1] Prentice Hall General Science 1992  p.174

[2] See In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Walt Brown

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