Did it take millions of years for oil to form?

sinclair gas companySometimes when they drill into the ground they hit oil.  And these oil wells can have up to 20,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.  That is a lot of pressure: 20,000 psi!!

The people that have studied this have concluded that the rock can only hold that pressure for about 10,000 years or less.  They say it should have cracked the rock and leaked off in less than 10,000 years.[i] 

This raises a couple of questions.  Where did the oil come from?  And why is it still under pressure?

Most scientists agree that oil comes from organisms that are changed by heat and pressure turning them into oil.  And it does not take millions of years to make oil.[ii]

In 1971 they learned how to make oil in 20 minutes in the laboratory.  In 1996 a proposal was approved in Western Australia that would build a plant to create oil from sewage sludge in just 30 minutes.[iii]

dinosaurs floodThe Sinclair gas and oil company uses the dinosaur as their logo.  They say dinosaurs turned into oil.  They say the dinosaurs mellowed for millions of years.  I don’t think so.

Let’s start with the Bible and see what really happened.  6,000 years ago God created everything.  4,400 years ago there was a worldwide flood.  During that flood, lots of animals and people drowned.  They got buried by the gravel, rocks, mud, and sand which got pretty heavy after a while; and eventually they were squished into oil. 

So the oil that is down there today is from the people and animals that drowned in the flood of Noah’s day.

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[iii] See Creation/Evolution: Does it Matter what we Believe? By Mike Riddle, ICR, p. 28

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