Carbon 14 in Diamonds: Evidence for a Young Earth

diamondAccording to the evolutionary worldview, diamonds formed billions of years ago.  However, the Bible tells us that the earth is only 6,000 years old.  Therefore, diamonds cannot be billions of years old.

Carbon 14 dating is a popular dating method used today.  It is a popular belief that carbon dating is used to date things that are millions of years old.  However, carbon 14 dating cannot be used to date something that is older than 100,000 years old.  If something were older than 100,000 years old, it would not have any detectible amount of carbon 14 remaining.  It would have all decayed by then.

“If the rate carbon 14 decays has been consistent, any carbon 14 older than 100,000 years is undetectable by current measuring techniques.[i]”  So if carbon 14 is found in something, it has to be less than 100,000 years old.

Did you know that carbon 14 has been detected inside natural diamonds?  This is evidence that diamonds are only thousands of years old at most.  Not millions or billions of years like the evolutionists would like you to believe.

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