Genesis and the Big Bang

big bangDoes the creation account in Genesis match the Big Bang Theory? The simple answer is no. The Big Bang does not match what the book of Genesis says about the creation. In fact, it is exactly opposite from what the Bible says.

The book of Genesis says that the earth was created on Day 1. It also states that God made the stars on Day 4. The Big Bang says that the stars were formed before the earth. A complete contradiction from what the Bible says. The Big Bang is exactly opposite from what the Bible says in the book of Genesis concerning the creation.

This is a problem because many pastors across this country are telling their youth and congregations that it is ok to believe in the Big Bang, as long as you believe the account of Jesus in the New Testament. Well, the minute you tell someone that it is ok to believe in the Big Bang and millions of years, you are effectively telling them that the Bible is not true and that it cannot be trusted. If someone doesn’t believe the first book in the Bible, why should we expect them to believe any part of the Bible?

If a Christian doesn’t believe the Bible and trust in it as their final authority on all matters, why should anyone else? This is such a critical issue. We need to get back to the authority of God’s word.

The question is not in what the Bible says. The Bible is very clear. The question is: do you believe what it says?

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