Why don’t we find more fossilized humans?

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People often ask, if there really was a worldwide flood, why don’t we find many human bones buried? There should be billions of them. We find a lot of clams and other animals; why not humans?

“Over ninety-five percent of all fossils are marine creatures, such as clams, corals, and trilobites – mostly invertebrates with a hard outer surface. Of the remaining five percent, most are plants. Much less than one percent of all fossils are land animals. This encompasses reptiles (including dinosaurs) – amphibians, mammals, birds, and humans.”[i]

Marvin Lubenow, in his book ‘Bones of Contention,’ says there have been about 4,000 human remains found. Very few are complete and most are only small fragments. Why only 4,000? Well, there are a few things that we need to consider here about why there are so few human bones found. When God made the world, about 6,000 years ago, there were only two people: but the world was full of plants and animals. About 1,600 years later, after the flood, the same scenario occurs in which there are many plants and animals and only a small number of people.

There is no way of knowing what the population of people was at the time of the flood. But, just for arguments sake, let’s assume that there were about 1 billion people on the planet at the time of the flood. If you figure they are living to be over 900 years old and having many kids per family, it is easy to see that they would have a large pre-flood population in a hurry. If there were 1 billion people at the time of the flood, why are so few found as fossils? Well, the purpose of the flood, according to Genesis, was to destroy man from the face of the earth.[ii] The Bible also says that there were giants in the earth in those days.[iii] Some of the people were actually a lot bigger before the flood than they are today. The Garden of Eden video covers a lot about the giant human skeletons that have been found.

There are several theories as to why so few human fossils have been found. First of all, there were less people to be killed. There were much more plants and animals on the planet than humans. So it makes since that we would find more plants and animals fossilized than we do humans. Secondly, people are smarter than animals. They would tend to avoid drowning until the last possible minute. Whereas the animals would get surprised, covered up, and buried; the humans would figure out some way to avoid this.

It probably took about six months to kill everybody. The flood covered the world, but this does not mean that it covered the world instantly. It rained 40 days and 40 nights. However, the water kept rising for 150 days from the fountains of the deep that had broken open.[iv] The people would be moving and fighting for higher ground as the waters continued to rise. If they did drown and die on the high ground they would not fossilize. Think for a minute about how many buffalo got killed out west in the last 200 years. None of them fossilized. Things only fossilize if they get buried. A lot of humans could have gotten killed in the flood and not be fossilized at all.

Another point to consider is that if humans were bigger during that time, as spoken about in Genesis 6:4, their bones would not be recognized as human. Think about it, if we found a five foot high thigh bone it would not at all be recognized as a human bone.

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