Dinosaurs and the Bible

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The following is derived from a transcript of Dr. Hovind’s video, which you can see above.  (His videos and materials are not copyrighted.)

This guy in National Geographic says “No human being has ever seen a live dinosaur.” Now just hold on a minute, does he know that or does he think that? He thinks that, there is no possible way he could know something like that: unless he talked to everybody that has ever lived. That is just not something that anyone can know.

The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The Bible also says that in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. Well, if He made everything in six days, then Adam must have seen dinosaurs.

From the Creation about 6,000 years ago, up until the Flood about 4,400 years ago: the world was very different. During that time frame the Bible says that people lived to be over 900 years old. It is interesting that many ancient cultures have a legend that they call ‘The Golden Age’. They all talked about a time when people used to live to be nearly 1,000 years old. Well, that’s because it was really true. They really did live to be almost 1,000 years old.

Reptiles never stop growing. They grow throughout their entire life. So, Dinosaurs were big lizards that lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; they did not live millions of years ago. So the obvious question would be, ‘did Noah take Dinosaurs on the Ark?’

Many skeptics argue that Dinosaurs would have been too big to fit on the ark. Well, the big ones were big; however, Noah was about 600 years old when he built the ark. He was smart enough to know that he didn’t have to take the biggest dinosaurs on the planet. He would only have to take two baby dinosaurs of each kind.

There are all kinds of reasons for bringing babies on the ark. He would bring babies because they are smaller. The biggest dinosaur egg was smaller than a football. Also, they eat less. They sleep a lot more. They are tougher. After the flood, they will live longer to produce more offspring and that is why he was bringing them on the ark in the first place.

What happened to the dinosaurs when they got off the ark? The question about what happened to the dinosaurs has been used in schools to start a conversation about evolution for a long time. One of Satan’s favorite tools to use is dinosaurs. Why hasn’t there been a Christian response to this? What the Christians did in the 1800’s was: they compromised their Bible with the Gap Theory to accommodate the dinosaurs. They let Satan have the Dinosaurs. That’s what happened.

There are about 16 theories on what happened to the dinosaurs. One theory says an asteroid struck the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, and killed them 65 million years ago. A scientist in Indiana said, “the dinosaurs killed themselves off with their own flatulence.” He said they, “could not stand the heat.” There are all kinds of ridiculous theories about how the dinosaurs went extinct.

What made the dinosaurs go extinct? Do you realize that they are asking the wrong question? The question is not what made them go extinct, the question is: did they go extinct?

Dinosaurs getting off the ark had a very difficult time. The climate had changed and things were different. Remember before the Flood they lived to be 900. After the Flood they only lived to be 400, then 200, and then 100. Now in today’s world 100 is old.

The world was very different, something changed. Well, for one thing, the canopy that was overhead was now gone (see the Garden of Eden section). Also, the soil was now not loaded with minerals like it is supposed to be to have plants grow like crazy. The atmospheric pressure was different because the canopy had collapsed and was gone now. Therefore, sunlight was now getting through and radiation etc. There were many more problems in the post-Flood environment.

Dinosaurs had two problems. First of all, many dinosaurs died after the flood due to the climate changes. The second problem they had was that people hunted them. People killed them, but they didn’t call them dinosaurs. They called them dragons.

dragon3The word ‘dinosaur’ was not invented until 1841, by Sir Richard Owen. Therefore, for most of human history these creatures were known as dragons. Did you know that the word dinosaur was not even in the dictionary in 1891? For most of human history they were known as dragons.

Some people say that dinosaurs are not in the Bible. Well, that word wasn’t invented until 1841 and the KVJ of the Bible was translated years before in 1611. So, of course you will not find the word ‘dinosaur’ in the Bible. However, ‘dragons’ are mentioned in the Bible 34 times!

Dragons were listed in the dictionary in 1946 as ‘now rare.’

As the population of people began to grow after the Flood, the population of dragons began to go down. As people moved in and civilized an area, the big ferocious animals are either killed off or driven off. It happens everywhere. That is exactly what happened to dragons. People killed dragons for several reasons. They killed them for meat, because they were a menace, to be a hero, to prove their superiority, competition for land and medicinal purposes. Many ancient recipes included dragon blood, dragon bones and dragon saliva. Gilgamesh is famous for slaying a dragon.

Why would the Chinese calendar have 11 real animals and one “mythical” dragon? Could it be that at the time they come up with these 12 symbols they were 12 real animals?

Below is one of the oldest pieces of pottery on planet earth. It is a piece of slate from Egypt. On it are long necked dragons. Why would they put long neck dinosaurs on pottery 3800 years ago?

dinosaur pottery

Below is a hippo tusk from the 12th century BC showing dinosaurs with a long neck and a long tail. Also pictured is a cylinder seal showing long neck dinosaurs.

dinosaur on hippo tuskdragons

Saddam Hussein spent a fortune rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon. The ancient city of Babylon was discovered buried in the dry sand over in Iraq. The bricks were nearly perfectly preserved by the dry sand. They excavated ancient Babylon and rebuilt it. Saddam put a brick about every 10 feet around the wall that says “I am Saddam Hussien, I have re-built Babylon the great…I am the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar.”


On that wall they found carvings of lions and carvings of dragons. It is understandable that they would put lions on there, we know about lions, but why would they put carvings of dragons on a brick wall 2600 years ago? Obviously, they knew about dragons. They are still on the walls over there today. Ishtar gate is covered with them: lions and dragons.

Alexander The Great said that his soldiers were scared by dragons when they conquered part of India in about 300 BC.

This Roman mosaic from 200 AD shows two long neck dragons.


St. George is famous for slaying a dragon in 275 AD.

Beowulf slew two dragons and the third one killed him. The story says Beowulf killed Grendel the dragon by pulling off one of its arms and the creature bled to death. A Babylonian cylinder seal has been found that show a guy pulling the arm off of a dragon.

Marco Polo lived in China for 17 years. When he came back, he said that the emperor is raising dragons to pull the chariots in his parades. Why would he say that? Well, probably because the emperor was raising dragons to pull the chariots in his parades. In 1611 they appointed the post of “Royal Dragon Feeder.”

Indians carved dinosaurs on the walls of the Grand Canyon. Why would they put dinosaurs on the walls of the Grand Canyon? Well, the Indians knew about dinosaurs. They probably hunted them.

grand canyon dragons

The guy in National Geographic says that “No human being has ever seen a live dinosaur.” Then why did people put them on their cave paintings, why did they put them on ancient pottery and why do we see so many legends of dragons if nobody has ever seen one?

Down in Peru, they’ve got the driest desert in the world. In 1535, the Spanish conquistadors came through that area and they found some stones with strange animals carved on them. They sent some back to the king of Spain. They said, “What on earth are these animals carved on these stones?” The king said he had no clue. Today they are called the Ica Burial Stones from Ica, Peru. These stones show dinosaurs on them.

ica stonesIca Stones

Some of the stones show circle patterns on the sides of the dinosaurs. Why would they put circle patterns on the sides of the dinosaurs? Well, nobody ever found dinosaur skin until just over 20 years ago: when fossilized dinosaur skin was found. The dinosaur skin that was found had circle patterns on it. So, they had to see a live dinosaur to know to put the circle patterns on the stones: because you couldn’t tell that from the bones!

In 2005, unfossilized soft dinosaur tissue was found. So now the brilliant scientists are trying to figure out how this tissue could stay soft for 70 million years. The thought will never cross their brain to question the fact that maybe it’s not 70 million years old. That thought will never enter their head.

During the Age of Sailing Ships there were thousands of legends of people sighting sea monsters. Well, if you are in a sail boat it’s pretty quiet going through the water. Today, with a diesel engine they can probably here you coming 50 miles away under water. Of course, you are not going to see one today. But, there are stories all over about dragons living with man.

Did you know there are stories of giant octopus living in the ocean? Really, really big octopus. Once an octopus washed up on the beach in Florida and it was 200 feet across and weighed 5 tons! That’s a big octopus!

In 1925, the critter in the pictures below washed up on the beach of California. The neck alone was 20 feet long. Everyone that examined it said it was a Plesiosaurus.


If dinosaurs are mentioned all throughout history, are they mentioned in the Bible? Yes, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. Job chapter 40 talks about Behemoth.

What on earth is a Behemoth? What ever it was Job could behold it, because God never tells you to do something you can’t do. God would not say “Behold now Behemoth,” if Job could not behold now Behemoth.

Some reference Bible’s say that behemoth is probably the elephant or hippopotamus. However, behemoth is more than likely the long neck dinosaur known as the Brachiosaurus. God goes on to say that Behemoth eats grass as an ox. He also says the strength is in his loins and his force is in the navel of his belly. Therefore, the biggest part of a Behemoth was his belly. Elephants have a big belly and Hippopotamus have a big belly as well.

The Brachiosaurus had a big belly as well.

Why would it be the Brachiosaurus. Well, read on down. Job 40:17 says he moveth his tail like a cedar. His tail is like a cedar tree.

Have you ever seen an elephant’s tail? It is not like a cedar tree. Have you ever seen a hippopotamus tail? It is not like a cedar tree.

elephant tailhippo tail  behemoth

A Brachiosaurus tail, well that is more like a cedar tree than the others.

God created every living creature, so God made the dinosaurs. Satan said one day, “you know, there has to be a way I can use dinosaurs against God.” But he couldn’t fool Adam because Adam named them! The devil couldn’t fool Noah because he feed them everyday on the Ark. However, for the next 4,000 years dinosaurs became more rare. They were dying off and were being killed off. By 1809, they were just nearly extinct and somebody found the bones and put one together. Satan was there that day and said, “Wow, here is my chance. These critters have always lived with man, I know that, and God knows that. But these people don’t know that.” So the devil said, “I think I’m going to tell them that dinosaurs lived millions and millions over years ago. And if they believe it, it will make them doubt the Bible!”

His plan has worked well. For the last 200 years the kids have gone to kindergarten and gotten a book like this. “I Can Read About Dinosaurs.” Would you like to take a wild guess at what the first sentence in the book is? Millions of years ago. How many kids are being taught this in your town? At your expense?

(From the Dinosaurs and the Bible DVD by Dr. Kent Hovind. His materials are not copyrighted.)


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